Litecoin Needs an Android Wallet

There has been no Android wallet option for far too long. I really hope this changes soon

there is one in the google play store…I have it on my android and it works great

Yeah but it blows up in nasty ways. Make sure you have a backup, something’s wrong with it.

So what does it take to make a wallet app?

This Android Wallet " sucks" !!!

Read my thread on this. " help ! my android phone litecoin App … "
The App just stopped on me and has left me with no coins.
i am now spending days trying to get them back, digging deep into the guts of the Android system to get my keys !

Android does need a new Litecoin Wallet App !

Use #COINOMI or #JAXX wallet on #Android… Jaxx has been messes up on my phone lately but it’s due to an update in the 5.0.2 software. Something isn’t compatible and it won’t load the wallet past the initial screen to even set the wallet up. I even tried to delete and reinstall but no help there. They both have #Shapeshift installed within the wallets making it easy to swap from currency to currency without having to #Coinbase or #Poloniex or some other #Exchange. Coinomi also has #Changely installed too but I recommend Shapeshift, it seems to me they have cheaper transactions most times.

It is being replaced with Loaf for Android

It really is a pain not being able to send a few bucks to friends with androids.

If you wrote down your wallet words, you can recover from those …

Use LoafWallet:

It’s written by Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin

urbanist the wallet Eshank was talking about wasn’t deterministic.

I don’t know what deterministic means. Are you looking for something that you can connect to your home node, like Samurai Wallet for BTC?

Deterministic means it uses the wallet words as you mentioned earlier. Everything is looking better as we have loaf wallet now, it just needs to be finished.

According to reddit coinomi transmits your keys in plan text across the network.

Omg that is huge. I don’t think that is true, even though I dislike Coinomi.
Please point to a reliable source of such an affirmation.