【litecoin miner】Goldshell miner X6 is announced


At present, the new Litecoin miner X6 developed by goldshell has officially landed on the official website of goldshell .
X6 is a new mining equipment with high hashrate and low power consumption. It is equipped with ICQ550 chip independently developed by goldshell . It can improve the hashrate and reduce power consumption, bring higher efficiency to miners.
X6 have two mining modes to deal with different market conditions—— hashrate and balance. In the case of higher currency prices, hash in hashrate mode can be as high as 1730 MH / s, which gives miners the opportunity to get more revenue. In a lower-priced market environment, you can switch to balance mode with a power ratio as low as 0.993W / MH, which allowing miners to get more hashrate at lower power costs.
In addition, the X6 monitors temperature of each chip through intelligent firmware, intelligently adjusts front and rear fan speeds, optimizes internal air pressure, and effectively controls temperature. Automatically closing the miner at high temperatures can reduce the temperature, effectively improve the reliability and stability of the miners’ operation, and provide good hardware support for the miners’ long-term mining.



Goldshell X6 official specs

Hashrate :1730MH/S

Balance:1530 MH/S

Power Consumption :2000W(Hashrate) 1520W (Balance)

electric tension:220V

Power Efficiency : 1.156W/MH(Hashrate) 0.993W/MH(Balance)

Controller :ARM cortex-A9 Controller

Operating Temperature : 0℃-35℃

Air-intake Temperature: -25 °C to 40°C

Working humidity: 0% RH ~95% RH non-condensable

Network Connection: Ethernet

Machine dimensions:41.5 cm(L)*12.5 cm(W)*16 cm(H)

Weight:5.4 KG


fan 7000 RPM

1680W 12.46V DC Output Power Supply

2000W 13.2V DC Output Power Supply



detail …



beware of equip pushes from 1 day old accounts…

not enough info…on the same meter it is 90/10 90 = scam at this point in time


well I may have spoke too soon www.eastshore.xyz which I know is legit did a review of this miner

so we know it exists…as to web site and other kudo’s not sure yet

the eastshore review


The ODD thing is… www.eastshore.xyz is NOT selling this miner…thru them i’d look into it

not thru them …er not so much maybe?

er just ran the numbers on litecoinpool.org 1764mh at 2000 watts at 10c kwh and $81.18 LTC.

Profitability Analysis

Expected Rewards Costs Net Profit
24 hours 0.07519854 LTC 6.10 USD 4.80 USD 1.30 USD
7 days 0.52638977 LTC 42.73 USD 33.60 USD 9.13 USD
30 days 2.25595615 LTC 183.14 USD 144.00 USD 39.14 USD

call it $39.14 a month for what I can tell in chinese yuan 11,000 that is $1.641 usd

yawn …it may be legit but the math is so bad it is not worth me making this message :frowning:

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Electricity fee ¥0.4 / KWH
Net profit
24 hours 0.06509952LTC ,¥17.79, 2.655USD
30 days 1.9529856LTC,¥971.434,142.85USD



10c kwh is ave in USA and summer rates are 33% higher starting May 15th or so. Thus that dog don’t hunt…as they say