Litecoin is rocking guys

Hello :wave: LTC Folks
I am quite new to litecoin for sure. But I definitely have a small experience in cryptoccurency in general.
Since I am into cryptoccurency a year ago I never did a successful investment as the one I did a week ago on litecoin and I am already in profit with litecoin.
Even if I am not knowledgeable about litecoin as some of you are, there was something pushing you to put some of my investments in it.
As per now I still believe that LTC will touch 20$ this summer. Because the marketing that Lee spoke about in one of his posts talking about segwit, is going on right now spontaneously because too many investors are shifting to LTC as they realize that LTC is really and for sure the silver to BTC’s gold.
It’s rocking and rocking and the change starts from here.
I have been checking the daily volume on litecoin last couple of days and it’s really going up step by step and in 2nd pointion right now.
Looking at the market cap that surpassed Dash and put LTC in 4th position tells me that LTC will take it’s real position soon which is 2nd in markekcap as well.
Till then LTC is still rocking more and more as heat is showing off as well due to the coming summer.
So here is my personal quote ‘’ once summer is in its place, LTC will be in its place too.
Keep it up.

Yes LTC was always in the 2nd position after bitcoin - it was the silver to bitcoin’s gold! and I’m sure it’ll be back like that. the pump from the last couple of days / weeks was just the beginning :smile:

Segwit is a big deal. LTC has been sleeping for a while. Every other altcoins have shown their potential, now it is time for LTC

Yes that’s right
And the daily volume keeps increasing which means it is going to be in the right position soon.