Litecoin Hash Rate Rising Fast!


Yes…and at current prices no one seems to be holding LTC …neither the big Innsilicon A4 inverstors of $3 milliion who have kicked up the difficulty (see the unknown pool growth) nor the A4’s by same company coming out (working badly by the way) to the consumers like toasters. Worse of both worlds right now. Falling prices for LTC (the A4’s can ONLY mine LTC so thus that is pushing up difficulty even more…see innsilicon’s main page on such) and ROI at these LTC prices
means (imho) that everyone is mining for BTC or cash and not holding. Thus some actual PR on development of LTC and some horn blowing would be nice to cut thru the other ALT FUD about LTC would be nice imho.

Not looking to good. Most folk in crypto I talk to are saying LTC’s time has come and gone. Would like to prove this wrong but besides ‘brief’ notes about LTC is coming back due to development…not seeing a lot of proof of that …again imho.

At the present time I too am out of all LTC and mining to BTC just to be clear on my stand lately. Thus if LTC pumps
WITHOUT its usual connection to BTC and you all do well…good for you…but just figures if LTC only pumps in proportion to BTC going up in the last 8 months…and BTC usually keeps better price ratio…I’ve just been skipping
like everyone else the middle part of holding LTC. Thus the problem…lots of hash …everyone is selling and no one is holding LTC and not enough talk about LTC as a bona fide crypto lately to cut thru all the other ALT coin noise etc.

So it stands…want to be corrected on this…but the trend as of late is NOT looking good…(end of rant) :frowning:

(heh we will see how long this post stays up…not exactly what they were expecting on the hash rate going up angle)

Thanks for your opinion and interest