Litecoin difficulty question

Hi everyone.

My question is about litecoin mining.

I am looking at buying in L3 plus Today, when looking at the mining calculators it shows me that the L3 plus will produce approximately 30 coins per Month atm.

Now with the new batches of L3 plus is coming out, what do you think the increase in difficulty will reduce the total coins produced per month by?

I am slightly new to mining, so I just need people’s thoughts on this increase in difficulty as I have not been in the field long enough to estimate an increase in difficulty, if that makes sense?

Say l3+ produce 30 coins/month now, will the aug 1 batch cut that down to 20 coins/month, and sept cut it down to 10 coins/month? Or is this estimate too drastic?

All your thoughts are welcome. Thank you for your help.

if all those miners get released and plugged in around the same time at the end of august…guarantee the difficulty goes up with every miner that is plugged in…so thats your call…more miners always makes the difficulty go up…more people all competing for the same thing and only one out of all of them can get paid every 2.5 minutes…I use to make .25 ltc every day and the difficulty went from 175000 to 250000 and now I am lucky to make .10 per day…however the price is up so it works out…I also know that higher difficulties tend to lead to higher prices as coins become more scarce with a higher difficulty

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