Litecoin Debit Card

Did anyone receive their Litecoin debit card?

How is your experience using it?

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I cannot pass the KYC so my funds are stuck there - waiting for them to allow withdrawals.


I can’t even get it to come up without everything grayed out. No way to input anything. I would not use this…seems shabby coding at best.

Also the litebringer LTC game was a ‘massive’ disappointment indeed as well…

so far 2/2 as ‘they both suck’ rating :frowning:


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The majority have been pretty happy from what we’ve seen. We have been told they’re working on withdrawals.

There is a support function in the Ternio UI that you can go to with questions concerns and requests. I would keep asking them if you’re having any issues.

Keep us posted on your experiences! Good and bad. If there’s things that need to be fixed we want to know so we can tell Ternio. Thanks.

“working on withdrawals” – how can that even be a thing? Enter address, send funds. It’s a blockchain - use the correct address and funds will be received use a bad address and funds lost - either way, it is not hard to do. They have been working on it for months.

They also said no fees to deposit - wrong. When you xfer your funds in there is no fee but then they xfer it from your wallet to theirs and charge you a mining fee. As far as I am concerned, that is a fee to deposit.

And I bet every time you spend funds, they have to xfer it back to your wallet and thus you get another mining fee.

That may be a small fee but it adds up.

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They also don’t reply to my questions and requests…so it just sits there all ‘grayed’ out with no options for anything…not impressed. I use FireFox perhaps they simply hate that, but if that is the case…something that universal another reason not to ‘muck’ with this. So I’m ignoring this, until I get some ‘positive’ feedback or movement of some kind. I don’ have the time nor desire to play ‘debug’ if they have not answered two of my bug reports anyway. :frowning:


on the day I pointed out the fees - the one tech/partner or whatever he was for Ternio told me I was spreading misinformation (on twitter) then blocked me. Yet, more and more people noticed that each time they deposit there is a fee (it is small, like .000025 LTC) which is not a lot - but it is the point of saying there is no fee when there is one, no matter how small it is.

edit: so I have over $500 in LTC stuck there with no known time frame of when I can withdraw it.

I have heard that it works great without any issues.

I have no doubt the card works - but they have fees when they say they dont - and they said they were going to do business accounts - but then are not. That is why I am stuck, the only account they will let me have is a personal one - however, the funds I deposited are company funds and only because their page stated business accounts would be allowed - that has changed now though. But they are not allowing me to withdraw the funds.

I think they’ve been pretty transparent with their fees. For reference: What are the fees to use BlockCard? : BlockCard™ Support

I say this part over and over yet more people post the same thing - Makes me wonder if they read? The site linked states very clearly that there are no fees for deposits - well, that is incorrect as there is a fee.

The fee is not charged when you “deposit” it is charged right after you deposit and they transfer your funds from your wallet to theirs (according to them, this is done for the safety of your funds. Wait our “wallet” is already a custodial wallet, how would our funds be any more safe in their wallet? They have custody of both) and when they do that transfer, there is a “miner” fee. Sounds a lot like a fee for depositing - they call it a transfer fee. However, no one making a deposit has the choice on whether to make the transfer or not, it is done automatically with every deposit. I would say that makes it a deposit fee.

Also, I assume that will apply to withdrawals as well - except with withdrawals still disabled after nearly 2 months, I can only guess on it. Won’t know until they actually enable withdrawals.

The fee is not the big deal - it is the fact that they deny it - and deny it so hard as to claim on their twitter - when I asked - that I was wrong, that I did not understand how blockchains work, that I don’t understand crypto etc etc and then they blocked me.

It did not happen to me either.

Well, they shouldn’t have done that. They should have at least tried to sort out the problem.

agreed. I email them once a week to ask when withdrawals will happen - the answer is the same “soon, we are testing withdrawals”

I really don’t see what would need to be tested, user inserts withdrawal address provided they have the funds, the transaction should be processed.

It’s crypto not rocket science.