Litecoin Core wallet

Today appeared a yellow warning in my Litecoin Core wallet. “Something different is happening, nothing very common in mining.” The question that follows is: Can a receive address be hacked if you always use the same one? Is it dangerous to leave my receipt addresses on taps to mine? If so can I delete an address from my wallet and create new ones?

Thank you!

coins cannot be taken form a public key unless they have the corresponding private key…which only you and whoever you give it too has…so to answer your question no…cryptographic hashes only go one way

Thanks bakd247, today the following message appeared: (Unknown block versions being mined! It is possible that strange rules are active.) Has anyone else already received this message within the Litecoin Core Wallet software?
Thank you again!

yes I got it last night
I think its becasue I was messing with my .conf file trying to setup solo and just left it…I’m gonna try a fresh blockchain download this weekend and try and diagnose what I can…wonder if anyone has any ideas about what could be causing this…i have my wallet set to generate blocks ( gen=1) and blocks are being built and my peers seem to be picking them up…I have a feeling this has something to do with why i am getting this warning since I have not added any nodes or tried to connect to my own address to mine yet…but I don’t know