Litecoin core wallet V0.16.3; Status: 0/unconfirmed. Not in memorypool


I cannot send any Litecoins from my Litecoin core wallet V0.16.3.
I have been trying for days and have performed the following:

  • Created a litecoin.conf file (only added the gen=1, deamon=1 and server=1 commands)
  • Abondonned transactions that took too long and tried again with different settings
  • Checked setting: Portmapping via UPnP
  • Checked setting: Allow incoming connections
  • Adjusted my firewall to let incoming connections come in
  • Only send transactions with recommended fee, or much higher fee than recommended
  • Tried adding commands via the command debug window to connect to other nodes, I keep getting errors.
  • I cannot find other nodes online to add to the console in the wallet

Still have Network: 8 (In:0 / Out:8). I have tried everything I could think of and could find online, but I’m really lost now.

Can anyone help me?? Maybe Charlie Lee himself?

Thanks in advance.



I updated the conf file with:


I forwarded port 9333 in the router by making 2 new rules in the firewall, 1 TCP and 1 UDP connection. Still In:0/Out:8 connections.
I’m lost…

Anyone @this forum that can help me out?

Kind regards,


Sorry, above my skill level. You could also ask around the LTC forums on

I’m not much help. Sorry


No problem. Thanks for the reply.
I removed the gen=1 command. Still no success.

Anyone out there who could help?


Hi everyone,
I fixed the problem. It was not my connection that was the problem, but my file was corrupted. Here’s what I did for toubleshooting (with the help of a friend):
I did the following while using 3 different laptops:

I started by removing the litecoin.conf file in the app data folder. I rerouted my router port to 9333 by creating a new connection via a TCP port. (Windows firewall).

Laptop#1: This is my laptop that I normally use for the LTC wallet. I removed the wallet including all related files and installed a new wallet without putting back the wallet.dat file with all my coins. So this wallet had it’s own wallet.dat file and showed the same network connections (In:0 / Out:8) as the other 2 laptops. (So, no litecoin.conf file anymore)

Laptop#2: Had the LTC wallet with the wallet.dat file with my coins. (No conf.file)

Laptop#3: Had another LTC wallet downloaded some time ago.(No conf. file)

Laptop#1 and #3 could send and receive coins from each other. (No conf. file)
Laptop#1 could only receive coins, still couldn’t send any coins. I was now suspicious that it could be my wallet.dat file, not the network connection.

There was a difference in the amount of files in the appdata folder when I compared the wallet with the wallet.dat file containing the coins to the other ones.
This app data folder also contained a fee.estimates.dat and mempool.dat file which seem to appear once I opened the LTC wallet with this wallet.dat file.

Then a friend suggested to open the wallet where I had all my coins and perform a rescan of the blockchain via the debug console panel. It took some time, but after this rescan, my wallet worked again and I could send coins again from this wallet. I did lose some coins, so I have to figure out now where those coins were lost. I think it could be that these transactions were corrupted and never reached my wallet in the first place. But I still have a good amount so I’m happy about that. I transffered all the remaining coins to a hardware wallet. I will never use the litecoin core wallet again.

Hope this info can help someone out there with the same issues.

Kind regards,


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good for your…I’d have been completely stumped.