LiteCoin Core Not Listing wallets or labels

I have setup litecoin core and sync is completed. Its my 4th day trying to list wallets via REST API. I can see wallets in “Receiving Addresses” in GUI but when i call “listwallets” or “listlabels” server returns me nothing.
methods regarding account have been deprecated

Response from listwallet and listlabel methods is


does anyone know how to do??

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try “listaccounts”
then you should edit the label for the address to the “account name” of your choice…
all commands that you can do in the console(help) in qt you can do over rpc
open qt and go to the help menu and click console then type “help”
here you will see all the commands you can use via any client

It replies Null… and “listaccounts” is deprecated now. not available.

null means…task complete and it has no “output to give you”
that means you havnt named any of your wallets yet…
the name is the account
or “account” = address label

if you type
getaccount (name)
it will return a new address

to see any addresses in the wallet type
getaccount “”
notice the quotes means the wallet address has no label
this should return the 1 address in the wallet if and only if you have created one
if you are trying to use a backup that is not named “wallet.dat” then you probablly need to use the rpc command