Litecoin Core - How to top up wallet?

Hello. Just downloaded Litecoin Core - Can see how to send and receive coins but how do I top up the wallet? Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks M

you mean back up the wallet…not sure what ‘top up’ the wallet means…if you mean get LTC…myself i am selling stuff in attic and putting it on ebay and then getting LTC/BTC and or putting in long term HODL (years) address just to get my attic empty for a rec room…if crypto ltc/btc goes ‘tulips’ hell at least I’ll have a rec room!

so if you mean ‘top up’ wallet in that manner …what I’m dabbling thru bit by bit as a plan for something to do now that my mining days are keplunk


Hello Searing. Thanks for that. I think I need a few more tutorials…

hell…I surely do…no idea…hopefully others with better knowledge will log on this thread