Litecoin Core download problem

I downloaded Litecoin Core thinking there might be some useful stuff on it. Unfortunately, it seems that the wallet is using up a ton of resources. At this rate it seems like it may take a day or so to fully install. I already have an Exodus wallet and now I wish I had not downloaded Litecoin Core. How do I delete it? Dragging icon to trash did not work.

I forgot to say I have a mac OS Sierra

I am using Litecoin Core on my Mac (Sierra) and am happy with it.

I guess you need to understand that using “core” means that the entire Litecoin blockchain is downloaded, that’s why it takes a while to sync the blocks from the network. You can speed up this process using a bootstrap.dat file.

Anyway if you have deleted the Litecoin app (and Emptied Trash) then you should also check and remove this data directory - It’s where the blocks have been download to.

/Users/your_username/Library/Application Support/Litecoin/


I read that before I downloaded, but thought I must have misunderstood. The entire Litecoin blockchain? That is incredible to think about. I guess I am surprised that it is so small. I have a lot of learning to do, evidently.

I did figure out how to delete that folder with the path you mentioned after the download was complete.

And I will look into the bootstrap.dat file for future reference.