Guys, is the velvet fork happening or it’s just some sort of ADA publicity to increase its value?
Ada needs ltc to pump. Ltc don’t need no ada to have a pump. We have the usd for that.

Ltc is on every exchange (even PayPal). Ltc is OG and ready to take on visa.

Ada isn’t used… it’s speculative (at the moment).

But I have to say ada community have there heart :white_heart: in the right place. Good morals, visions and goals.


Sounds like they really are focusing on a cross platform transactions.

I really like his quote:
“Well, I mean, it’s like common sense in every other industry. Could you imagine Wi-Fi, if your WiFi only worked with a particular manufacturer? You’d be like, ‘Oh, I’m sorry, your Samsung phone is only going to work with the Samsung Wi-Fi router, or your iPhone is only going to work with the Apple router? Like what kind of a mess would that be?”

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Where is that from? :slight_smile:

the funder Charles Hoskinson has a ton of YouTube videos, it’s a quote from one of his videos.

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The Cardano team needs to come out with some sort of white paper or plan on how they’re gonna create the Litecoin-Cardano bridge. As far as I know there hasn’t been much progress from them on that.


I think the LTC community has there harts in ltc and realy ltc is nothing fancy or bling bling about it LTC just work and is one of the oldest cryptocurrency out there with out a kick up on the network ever BTC cant say that

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