Litecoin Airdrop on 11-August-2019. Legit or Scam?

New LTC user!

I had transferred 57 Litecoins for airdrop. Following was the URL where I was directed from twitter page of Charlie Lee:

[Link was removed due to risk of scam for curious users here!!! ]

Following is the Litecoin address where I had sent 57 LTC’s;


Following is the Hash (txid) which contains details of my wallet(and LTC’s transferred)


I am not concerned about the extra LTC’s but the original 57 LTC’s which I sent. Could you let me know how to claim back my LTC’s which I originally sent?

I know you guys are super busy and my concern is smaller than a drop in Ocean. I am just looking to get my coins back. If there is anyone(or any team) else I need to contact, please let me know.

To the best of my knowledge this has been talked about also on this is a SCAM.

No way would Charlie Lee say you are to send anyone LTC to prove anything for a hardfork.

Sorry, I’m pretty sure you are out of luck on this.

Hopefully, someone will tell me I’m wrong (legit not a newbie)

Also the site you link above is now GONE…so not looking good at all.

Sorry for your loss, we’ve all been there at sometime in the past.


Thank you for the reply. Lesson’s learnt.