Lite coin transfer incomplete

I transferred lite coin to an exchange but it did not complete the transfer…particulars of this transaction are as follows…

Status: 0/unconfirmed, not in memory pool
Date: 5/18/2021 18:35
To: Kraken Lb2gkkxtswcUaHY2YcHyycKzGS51tN5vME
Debit: -12.92028000 LTC
Net amount: -12.92028000 LTC
Transaction ID: de68a206758ee4183bff28bf9b1fba13eef051ffe25096ec24c93591748a46fa
Transaction total size: 341 bytes
Transaction virtual size: 341 bytes
Output index: 0

I don’t know what “not in memory” means or “Output index”

the coins have left my wallet but did not arrive at Kraken…I hope you can help me with this issue.

Richard T Reville

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Are you sure you have set a non-zero transaction fee?
I cannot see this transaction in a block explorer, so you still have control over your coins.
I have no idea how Kraken works, but this deposit address is weird. It also has transactions from 7 years ago…

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yes I guess I did no transaction fee (didn’t know)…my wallet says zero coins how do i have control and get them back or complete transaction…7 years ago was prob the last i was doing transactions…

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OK, I’m not an expert, but I hope this helps:
For me it seems that your transaction has never left your computer and never get in the mempool. I don’t know what is the reason for this.
Make a backup of your wallet.dat file.
I think you should right click on the transaction and abandon it.
After that, to be on the safe side, you should send the coins to another address just to make sure that the transaction never can be executed later. For this you should figure out why your transaction was never broadcasted.
@L_D do you have anything to add?

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ok…your advice work and I sent it to kraken and it’s been confirmed…thank you so much for your time and effort regarding this issue…your the best…:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: