Linux: start with programm

Hallo, I have downloded litecoin-0.18.1 and have now two
katalogs: bin and share.
In bin tere are 6 libraries.
In readme file I see:
"Unpack the files into a directory and run:

  • bin/litecoin-qt (GUI)"
    But litecoin-qt is not run-file.
    How can I start minnig?
    Thank you.
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Makes no sense…if I’ve read above correctly for you to mine LTC with a GUI…sorry those days

are gone…not sure anyone would even bother to run you through on how to do such…so long ago

before ASIC machines, that ‘also’ are struggling, even used to make any $$$ on Litecoin mining.


Thank you for answer.
Then quetion: is there reasonable way with
home PC to mining?
Intel i3, RAM - 16GB, SSD - 256GB, HDD - 1TB.
Or no sense?


I would ‘suggest’ … ‘attic mining’ sell stuff on eBay you would otherwise ‘die’ with on eBay and than

use that $$$ to buy BTC/LTC or whatever and HODL in case stuff

over the next 10 years is just as wild.

If you like ‘estate sales’ or rummage sales on the weekend you can usually find stuff to buy their and

flip on eBay at 3x the price. Then convert your profits to BTC/LTC/ etc. I don’t bother with sales tax or s

shipping or all that either. To make it simple whatever it costs me in selling the item i just eat it and put

that dust also into BTC…be it fees/shipping/etc…don’t want to mess with accounting…just a simple

page print of the stuff i sold and what it cost me in shipping etc all goes into the kitty for BTC/LTC

on such eBay sales or ‘attic mining’.

Sorry, the only way I know how to ‘hobby’ BTC/LTC at home anymore is the above and the real

advantage no electric high costs!


Good, DANKE.
I think I have undestood.
Now I’ll try to learn this area.
For example: if i make paper-wallet,
then registration at stock market, then
buy 11 (12) LTS, DASH…, then 5 years drinke schnapps and wisky,
then get my 5 billion euro.
Question: have I accsses to my account (LTS) only by “my”
stock market or there is other oppotunity to get LTS
if (for example) this stock is dead) ?
Thank you.