Link to "old" litecoin wallet doesn't work anymore

I twittered to LCC the following question. ( see under) I got free LCC’s for every LTC. I had to make a new wallet for my LTC via \Litecoin core. After a reinstall Win 10 I lost the working link to LTC. Could only make a new wallet in Electrum with the newest version but I don’t know how to get my LTC’s back. The new wallet is empty. I have the seed and the passwords but not in the good version of electrum. Answer of LCC was useless. Version Electrum LCC How to get my wallet back??

To LCC During your start of the fork, in order to get the free LCC’s
I had to create a new wallet for my litecoins. It was possible to make that wallet via your former old website, so I did it via Electrum. Now the link to it disappeared from my computer as the links in my backups too. I have the passwords. >>>>Got useless answer

If you had LCC in old wallet and did not backup in …what would it be an LCC wallet? then it may not work in that the fork is based on date and your new wallet is dated after the fork where your old wallet was not?

anywone? I’ve no idea either

Simple, finally I had a LCC wallet and a LTC wallet. I got my LCC back but my LTC wallet didn’t work anymore because too old softwareversion of Electrum I have the seed and passwords but can’t use them in the empty new wallet

It is only about my LTC wallet. I have them exported to a new wallet: Litecoin core, saved with a password, there is not any seed to use. I had done a recovery install of Windows X. I reinstalled the Litecoin core wallet but it is empty. I wonder where the litecoins physical really are when they are “in the wallet”. Just on my hard disk or in one or other cloud backup?? I had backups but also empty. In google I see more victims of a empty litecoin core wallet. I cannot imagine that they are disappeared, but I need to know how I can repair it??