Lightning Network payment processor

We still have a problem with crypto payments: High fees.

Segwit helps reducing them but it is not enough. When the network will be congested like in Q4 2017, we will still need to pay fees between 0.10$ and 5.00$ even for 1$ payments. That’s not ideal for micropayments.

Lightning Network IS a solution, whose transactions will be a few cents in the worst case.

But LN is very very complicated to understand for average Joes, still complicated for tech guys.

So i have a proposal. To create a multi-crypto payment processor that lets you make payments via Lightning Network, without knowing anything about it.

The LN processor i have in mind should, among other things , let you:

  • top-up your crypto Balance on the online wallet, kept by the payment processor

  • when you need to make a payment, you can make the payment processor do it for you via Lightning Network.
    Then the amount will be deducted from your online wallet balance.
    Commission: maybe the double of the LN network fees

  • possibility to send bulk LN payments via API or by uploading a CSV file

  • scheduled/automated LN payments via a control panel or API

  • when you send payments in a cryptocurrency different than your online wallet, automatic conversions are made, which must reflect the market price at a major exchange like Coinbase, Bitstamp, Binance.
    Maybe the conversion could be made via atomic swaps on LN

Is there someone developing something similar? Or is it available?