Let's get to know each other

I am newbie so Lets know each other.

Hi! Welcome! Are you with LTC? yet :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome, hope you will find here all the information you need.

Nice to meet you guys. :wink:

Welcome to the Litecoin community, briefly I am a father of one, licensed stock broker, believer in Jehovah, enjoy sports “Chicago” teams, love reading “Nassim Talib” is great but complex at times, all types of music “ Enigma, Pink Floyd, Lupe Fiasco, Neil Young , 2Pac to name a few and am a huge supporter of blockchain/cryptocurrency specifically Litecoin for its superior tech, 100%up time, fast, cheap fees, no founder rewards, no pre mine, truly decentralized in nature. I definitely believe in the use case of crypto, might speculate a bit but hodl for sure, spend, share with friends and family to spread adoption and donate my crypto to projects to further development but by no means rich lol. Some of us are learning the technicalities of the software and are learning as we go others are very advanced and can help with inquiries. I do mine Litecoin even though it is not very profitable at this time and run a full node, but for me it’s about contributing to the network and the project. Again welcome aboard :metal::owl:

Hello I like litecoin! It is more faster than bitcoin!

I’m new in this community, I have an old Litecoin wallet locked away in my computer for a few years and now just dusting it off. Still a bit of a Newbie but most of my experience has been positive. Time to learn what it’s about. I may be needing some assistance. Now to see what I got . Thank you in advance.