Laptop stolen is there a way to retreive my coins

hello, my laptop that my wallet was on got stolen recently…

there was a pretty good security password on it on the hidden admin so im not affraid that someone can acces my info

altough, my litecoin wallet was on it and i had just installed it pretty much and didnt really have time to check how to use it and everything.

how can i get the coins that were on it ?

I had just sent litecoins on it so i have my wallet address…but i cant finds the words that are suppose to get my accompt back.

is there any way i can get my coins back ?

Wow, sorry man.

As far as I know, if you don’t have a backup of you private key, there is no way of recovering your coins.

awwwww :frowning:

even if i write to litecoin support?

i mean i know on what laptop it was on…date created app…

litecoin wallet address

i can tell them transactions that have happpened in the accompt…

umm there was not even any security to acces the wallet…well nott hat i remember

what a stupid way to back up a wallet seriously lol…

if you have a copy of your backup (phrase or saved file) or any of your private keys written down or saved somewhere…that is the only way to recover the coins…
your public address is just that…there is no way to get coins from a public address unless someone sends the coins using the private key belonging to the public address

i think i wrote it somewhere…if not well it was maybe 2 litecoins total

so ill survive …cant be worst than going to the casino lol

you can lose everything at a casino…you buy a crypto coin…you will always have a cryptocoin until you sell it to someone…this is not gambling its trading