Knives and Fine Jewelry, cars (usa only)

Hi everybody I have knives and jewelry catalogs available by request at my email which is my username at gmail I also make Leather Satchels or hand made new chains. I accept BTC BCH or LTC feel free to email me if interested.

USA only thank you

Hi I have the cars we have american cars and more american cars this is america here I am offering these cars for money

Here are cars the fiat is an imposter american car

1967 ford mustang
1974 fiat spider
1987 pontiac formula firebird
198x ford bronco
1992 chevy camaro
1993 chevy lumina

Email me for more information thank you!


For 10 extra bitcoins beyond rosies selling price i can throw in a stealth mode button that expands mesh with bushes painted on it it might take me time though

Its for sale with or without the stealth mode button

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Hi everyone I figure I’ll post some pictures of my satchels and runes also so you all can see what i am offering i am asking equivalent of 20 USD per satchel, 15 dollars for runes and 10 dollars for burned engravings on satchels. Runes can be any alphabet you like, preferably not more than 40 characters.

Colors are limited email with questions i only have one turquoise bag and it is mine for fortune telling fortunes told from the runes for .1 litecoins