Knives and Fine Jewelry, cars (usa only)

Hi everybody I have knives and jewelry catalogs available by request at my email which is my username at gmail I also make Leather Satchels or hand made new chains. I accept BTC BCH or LTC feel free to email me if interested.

USA only thank you

Hi I have the cars we have american cars and more american cars this is america here I am offering these cars for money

Here are cars the fiat is an imposter american car

1967 ford mustang
1974 fiat spider
1987 pontiac formula firebird
198x ford bronco
1992 chevy camaro
1993 chevy lumina

Email me for more information thank you!


For 10 extra bitcoins beyond rosies selling price i can throw in a stealth mode button that expands mesh with bushes painted on it it might take me time though

Its for sale with or without the stealth mode button

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Hi everyone I figure I’ll post some pictures of my satchels and runes also so you all can see what i am offering i am asking equivalent of 20 USD per satchel, 15 dollars for runes and 10 dollars for burned engravings on satchels. Runes can be any alphabet you like, preferably not more than 40 characters.

Colors are limited email with questions i only have one turquoise bag and it is mine for fortune telling fortunes told from the runes for .1 litecoins

Rosie the camaro has 300 hours of work put into it. There were 48 hours of painting and from January 8th until February 2nd i spend 8 hours a day (192?) fixing or more from morning until sundown in the snow and rain or not and there was more time spent a variety of days after march 2020 also with several hours work which includes replacing radio fixing speakers replacing the passenger window motor rewiring the door lock switches to work properly fixing the trunk button mechanism and all of that good stuff

Here are some more pictures this is
Motorcycle it is 6000 dollars also a dead magic Ford

Firebird it has flippyup lights

This is mustang there was a plant in the way

Shelley’s good side
In this picturepicture you can see the high quality creation that is shelleys hood octopus i scraped lines in the hood where shelleys torque converter died horribly at a stoplight and stopped driving it

Shelley’s other good side

Shelley is fun everything works on it but the wiper fluid i need to redo it it has single speed windshield wipers it has a new used transmission since october that the reverse sometimes stalls it sure is a fun car turn it on or off whenever ac works radio

Rosie is also a fun car rosie does not ever stall sometimes it will overheat if something is wrong with it like vacuum lines or idiots cutting out a section of the exhaust and stapling it back together and then you hit a dead deer and it falls out and so you stop driving it

right now i would drive rosie or shelley anywhere they are so fun rosie is definitely funner

Shelley is a left handed engine car made in windsor because its american to outsource labor to lesser countries. To change the oil the filter can be accessed with your left hand on your back with no jack required. The drain plug can also be accessed with no jack. All new struts and new radio. All spark plugs can be accessed with your left hand and all coil packs also from above the engine.

Rosie is right handed when i got it it had 7 new spark plugs and 1 oem 3 speakers in the cab with 2 brake lights not working and all of the sensory wiring ignition wiring and throttle body control and sensory wiring chewed by rats from sitting for 6 years and the gas tank sending unit was repaired ineffectively. All of that is new except the sensory wiring and throttle body control wiring which i soldered. The brake wiring was repaired but a bare wire shorted the light switch new light switch and that is fixed all brake lights and blinkers work on rosie. The mirror dpad moving thing works and it awesome but sometimes you have to restart the car. Cruise control works, wiper fluid, windows, trunk, new radio speakers, new brakes, the windshield wiper switch works fine, defrost works on the back window which is super cool and the door luck buttons work. A/c blows cold for 5 seconds needs freon i have not bought freon also the ac buttons may be backwards. It all works good and is the coolest car ive ever owned of all 8.

This is rosies engine it has a new distributor cap and coil and the ignition wiring is new

New car available is a grand prix body style of grandam needs work by me feel free to offer drives fun as hecks and it is my new baby