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€50 FreeBet every day

Place as many single or multi bets as you like, each bet with total odds of 2.50 (US +150; UK6/4) or higher, and get a FreeBet up to €50 every day!

The more you bet, the higher the FreeBet you get!

We’re crediting FreeBets at the end of every day. Each daily round starts at 08:00 UTC and ends 24 hours later at 07:59 UTC. All qualifying bets settled within the respective time period will count towards the daily round. See the table below to see what prizes you can win.

Prize table for each daily round (8:00 – 7:59 UTC)

Settled qualifying bets with a total stake of: Prize

€10 – €19.99* €1 FreeBet

€20 – €29.99* €2 FreeBet

€30 – €49.99* €3 FreeBet

€50 – €99.99* €5 FreeBet

€100 – €149.99* €10 FreeBet

€150 – €199.99* €15 FreeBet

€200 – €499.99* €20 FreeBet

€500 or more* €50 FreeBet

*or currency equivalent

FreeBets are credited to customers automatically after the end of each respective daily round.

Example: You place two bets, each with odds of 2.50 or higher and a stake of €10. In total you’ve placed qualifying bets with a total stake of €20. Both bets are settled within the same daily round (08:00 – 07:59 UTC) and at the end of this round you’ll get a €2 FreeBet.


Free bet is great, i really like to have that kind of opportunity! Last time playing with i won almost a few hundreds and it was all from free bets. Maybe i might be that lucky with this casino, who knows :rofl: