It is okay for F2pool to have over 50% of the network?

I mean 17 days ago a post was about this issue but now they are still over 50% more or less. Why cannot the miners move to other pools? Are the manufactures doing this? I am for more hardware on the network but to have over 50% of the work in one spot seems fishy. What do you guys think about this?

They have bin for a while, not a problem. They could manipulate the blockchain if they want to, but that would destroy their own investment. That is the benefit of the high hashrate that LTC has today, for people with bad intentions you have to invest a lot of hashpower (= money) to do a 51% attack. And I’m not sure, but I thought LTC has some protection agains 51% attacks, so the chances this will happen are small.

They have a good relationship with the dev team as well. We are not very worried about that. Anyway, we are suggesting them to take some actions. Last time, they managed to reduce the hash rate after our suggestion.

I can tell they have good intention. The hashrate staying stable. I wish they can even out the hashrate to other pools like BTC. The smaller pools are hurting a little due to longer periods of finding blocks.

But only for a couple of days or so and for show as it seems. Dont they realize the situation and take serious action? Here is another view of the situation…

How Ethereum Smart Contracts Could Replace Mining Pool Managers via @CoinDesk