Isn't there an opportunity

So, let’s suppose Elon approves it and DOGE works out, mostly being used for zero-fee payments owing to its modest inflationary nature, which means miners may be compensated in new mints.
Because of the merge mining, LTC had a large number of miners at the time.
If DOGE succeeds, it will only be a matter of time before this digital silver reaches between 10% and 25% of the value of BTC.

LTC is used as a store of value, whereas DOGE is used for payments.
Why isn’t this already a thing?


Elon is not God his cars are very environmentally dirty LT has its development problems and DOGE has no foundation.In crypt, efficiency is crucial. LT shows its foundation, but development is moving forward. DOGE is pointless manipulation.

Doge will never work out

It is very sad to hear that dogecoin will never work out. My brother has a lot of dogecoin and he hopes that in the future the price of dogecoin will grow many times. It’s sad, of course.