Is this still set to go up? even after not reaching 75% segwit?

just wonderingā€¦i thought it twas going to $50 :confused:

$50 is cheap

do you think it will go beyond $50 this year?

Please!!! High expectations is he mother of all disappointmentsā€¦

segwit has to have 75% for 2 weeks consistently in order for it to activateā€¦just because it reaches 75% a couple times doesnā€™t mean anythingā€¦

yes i agree. but what if it stays at 75% for 2 weeks? then how high will litecoinā€™s price go?

The peak of a bubble is only obvious after the fact. Nobody knows.

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that depends on exchanges and how many people buy inā€¦not whether or not SEGWIT activatesā€¦

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