Is there a new ASIC prototype for mining Litecoin after the L3+?

Hello everybody

Does some one know how many units of L3+ Bitmain will make?

Also, is there any new units after the L3+ (or any other manufacturer for this year 2017)?

Thanks for advanced

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But if you’re looking for a faster scrypt miner, there are other options…
The Wolf V1 has 2 GH, costs €6400.

And another option would be the titan 2.0 from knc
which has 750MHs but costs only $1499 including power supply and shipping.

So it depends on your budget

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Hm. That wolf looks like a weird product. Do they have anything shipping yet or is it CAD drawings?

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Thanks for your quick response.

The The Wolf V1 sounds that is amazing . Does it has a ship date? Or are they developing the mine right now?

On the other hand the titan 2.0 from knc sounds that might be available August.

do you know if both manufacturer are reliable?


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I’m not sure about the wolf - haven’t had any experiences myself. but it looks like they currently have the fastest product.
knc on the other hand has been around for years in the cryptocurrency business and everyone knows that they actually shipped.
seems like the re-launch was just announced

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[ i just signed up to post this ]

WARNING!!! Guys - THIS IS A SCAM - ADMIN, you have to be on this as well. There are several posts related to this so called new mining gear from KNC. is a fake - scam site. The real company is KNC Miner is bankrupt and sold is OFFLINE Scammers have been reported to the Swedish police, even if they have anything to do with Sweden.

Check Bitcointalk thread, and also check on Twitter the official KNCMINER @kncminer - last post is from late 2015. There is no new gear from KNC. There is no KNC Titan 2.0 Scrypt Miner - ALL FAKE. 100% SCAM!!!

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Wolf also to me seems fake 1.2 kw to run for 1 gh…just get 2 bitmain July batches NOW for 2600 bucks

I’m calling wolf at best a pre-order let’s get the money first see if we can build one after alpha tech type scam

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I’ll be honest, if a mining company wants me to do an honest, objective review of a miner I’d be willing to do it but I have full control of what I write and they have to have shipping product ready, not dream prototypes.

Moral: Don’t pre-order equipment. Way too easy to sell rainbows (see that AsicMiner thing, etc…)

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Thanks for all the answers