Is the litecoin core for mining?

So i have downloaded the litecoin core from and it seems to scan the blocks. So does do it just for me to see all the stuff, or is it actually mining? Sorry for noob question, don’t hate the player

Looks that way. It is just a wallet for your Litecoin. I use Coinbase for my trasactions; so I just loaded everyone else’s transactions to my computer for really no reason. I an looking for an in expensive mining software.

Yes you must create a properly configured .conf file or use the correct “command line options” located under the “Help” tab in the GUI…

You can also start litecoin-qt from command line or terminal with the --help flag and see the command line options there…

You can Connect a Miner (ASIC, GPU or CPU if your want) to your wallet Solo, P2Pool or just use a receiving address you create and join a regular pool like

Please see here for the basics: