Is posibole mining litecoins in a home desktop?

I want to mine litecoins with my i5 9400f and rx 5500 xt

but I know mining brokes the graphics cards in a lot of cases.
and for me a gpu cost a lot of money.

is possible mine litecoins for example with my gpu at 90% or 80% ? so I don’t broke it? will mine at 80% prevent my gpu from broke ? (or another ideas)

don’t worry for the power comsution, I live in 3world and the light is “free”

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No! It has not been possible for years to do so. Indeed a Bitmain L3+ is underwater for most people. Me especially even at LTC prices today of $72.00 per LTC.

Nope…it would be the same as trying to mine Bitcoin with a CPU…no longer possible…your better off

selling stuff on eBay or a yard sale and buying LTC that way…works fine…and you have less clutter.

that is the only ‘home mining’ I’d do now in 2020.


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