Is Mining LTC still profitable as of TODAY?

Was trying to figure out what I would need for my L3+'s to be turned back on for an LTC price, assuming another 25% top off of difficulty is such a price would come to pass.

My figure is we would need (with again Summer Electric rates in my case 14c kWh and accounting for say another 25% difficulty rise as foo…er I mean miners like myself turned

their own, say, Bitmain L3+'s and etc back on) I figure we need a $150 LTC price and I’d make below at 14c kWh Summer rates for 1 Bitmain L3+ of WTF $18.44

                       Profitability Analysis
Expected Rewards	Costs	Net Profit

24 hours 0.02201871 LTC 3.30 USD 2.69 USD 0.61 USD
7 days 0.15413098 LTC 23.12 USD 18.82 USD 4.30 USD
30 days 0.66056133 LTC 99.08 USD 80.64 USD 18.44 USD

Anyway, again, nothing on the horizon as far as I can see for ASIC’s of any crypto flavor that is worth buying vs hodl’ing crypto.

(I feel like a groupie that misses the bus/concerts of Blue Man Group days…sigh) :frowning:

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I guess it’s better to waste your electricity (money) on coins which worth it, for example, BTC

Of course, it’s more profitable to mine in the countries where electricity is cheaper

If an average miner makes 50$ a day - it’s not that bad but I think they’ve got to have a big mining farm

depends on electric cost, it’s profitable here in China