Is Litecoin have Telegram or Discord

Do we have a Telegram or Discord forum and is there any Lite-Army that supports LTC in Social media

Following for response.

@Hotdizzle Do you have any information on my question?

There is no official Litecoin telegram group or channel. Just a bot. Somehow Litecoin is a seclusive club which pretty useless when trying to make a coin popular

I stand corrected. There is one .

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if this forum is the only Litecoin official forum them I will suggest Litecoin should update its forum to something like the Stackoverflow portal because this forum is based on old format very hard to find your own posts

Here you go:
Telegram Litecoin group

You really are not missing anything. This is the better forum.



And yes you are right this forum is more technical

Great, i wonder why I could not find it in the telegram search? Is it a private channel?

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