Is investing in litecoin still worth it?

Told ya…

zero, did you use it on your own?

Now that bch is finally shown to be a failure.

Litecoin is the 3rd strongest p.o.w coin base on security.

I don’t see how litecoin is not doing well. At least litecoin halvening triggered a small rally last year, unlike good as dead bch.

We just need to support future developments.


I’ve seen and spoken to some ltc pats that have jumped ship and there’s a few but that is ok.

It will always be with OTC platforms such as JingStock’s

I’m new in everything about litecoin and so I have the same question OP has. Will I earn a lot of money if I will invest in it right now?

It is worth investing in any currency that you will use later, since crypt coins, like fiat money, acquire value through their use, unlike historical coins made of precious metals.

probably in 2020 yes

I believe that now is too uncertain time to play by the new rules. I prefer to keep what I don’t enter into risky transactions.