Is investing in litecoin still worth it?

I have gained great profits by investing in cryptocurrencies but I have stopped it for some time after bitcoin market crash. So I am looking forward to invest in Litecoin. I know it is not that much profitable but if bought in large amount, will it be worth? Just need some guidance. Any help is appreciated. thanks in advance!

I believe so. It moves with bitcoin (pegged) imo and proven past ltc tends to run up before btc thus im guessing this latest run up on btc is false.
LTC needs a good team and community like DGB with projects built on that which have been done for free unlike mimblwimble which has a cost which i’ve donated 5 ltc to.

I shifted a bit more of my portfolio over to Litecoin a few days ago, primarily because of the work that is being done now on integrating Mimble Wimble into Litecoin. Adding private transactions will, I think, add some additional serious value to Litecoin, so as development on that progresses and completes, I’m optimistic for price increase. Won’t be immediate (since development is happening on a one-year timeline), but long-term I think Litecoin is in a good position to increase in price, both against USD and BTC.

Check out this thread for more info: Litecoin Confidential Transactions - Dedicated Fund

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I believe that it is still a good investment right now. With the Bitcoin halving in May and with how close LTC follows Bitcoin I think there are going to be some big moves happening with LTC this year.

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Should give you what you need to make an informed decision.

I think this is a good investment now. However, I have a feeling that in the near future it may cease to be profitable. Personally, I invest in bitcoin, usdt and eth.

Curious, why do you think it will cease to be profitable in the near future? What change do you foresee?

I think yes. But it seems to me that it is better to invest in several different cryptocurrencies. I do this in order to minimize the risks