Invalid “-onion”-address

So, I hope I’m not asking this for the thousandth time – I swear I hav searched the web a while now and tried everything I can, but:

Whenever I try to open Lightcoin Core v0.14.2 on my MacBook I get stuck on “Verifying Wallet” and I get the additional message saying “Invalid “-onion”-address: ‘192…: 9050’”
After that LightcoinCore shuts itself down.
I cant get into the preferences menus to change the IP or Port.
So, waddoido?
No coins on it at all, gladly :smiley:
I just wanted to run a full node and have an extra wallet. But I’m locked out of the Program.
I have tried deleting all the files and restarting and reinstalling: nothing.
Every time I reinstall and open (even running through terminal) I get the same result: nothing.
I also tried changing my IP address and Port settings on my router: nothing.
The “-onion” thing must be saved/stored somewhere. But I honestly don’t know what to look for :slight_smile: