Input not redeemed yet

If I go on the blockchain it says that I sent the LTC to another address not the one that I wanted to send it to. And if I go on the input it says not redeemed yet! Please help me.
(I sent from an exchange)

Did you send LTC to a wrong address?
What are you asking?

Please provide more details

On the exchange it says that I sent to the right address, but when I click on the blockchain code it says that I sent ltc to another address and on input it says that is not redemeed yet, but when I go on the blockchain and put the address it says that they came, but the person that i sent the ltc to, it says that he hasn’t received anithing!
Sorry for my bad english

Can you please post the public address where you sent the LTC to?


How many coins did you send to this person?

Because right now this address holds a balance of 1.99599998 LTC.
He received it in two transactions. Two times 0.99799999 LTC, yesterday, around the same time.

Yes but he says that he has not received anything

Maybe because it is saying that it is not redeemed yet and what does it mean? It is not confirmed or what?

not yet redeemed means that those coins are on the address… not yet used or send out

But it says not redeemed yet in a different address that I sent it to

I sent to this address : MPKv7SBBcjSeojaMEMdfjKhvqtukmRXSeV
But as you can see here :
It has been sent to another and it says that the input has not been redeemed?? What does it mean?? Have I lost my litecoin?

it is the same address, I think that’s a segwit address or something don’t remember but M prefix can be converted to 3 prefix…

see this explorer

MPKv7SBBcjSeojaMEMdfjKhvqtukmRXSeV is the correct address of the receiver, right?

How lany coins did you send to him in total?
What is the transaction id on your exchange?

Yes, and I sent 1 litecoin two times, so in total 2 litecoins
The exchange is and transaction id are:
1990629 and 1990624

As you can see here:

He received 2x 0.99799999 LTC which is almost 2 coins.
He did not receive the full coins because of the transaction fee.

2 options:

1 : the receiver claims not to have received the funds in full because he doesn’t want to pay for the transaction fee. He didn’t receive 2 LTC but 1.99599998 LTC instead.
In that case, he should have told you this

2: the receiver is scamming you and this is probably the most likely thing happening here.
The blockchain doesn’t lie. He received 2x 0.99799999 LTC from you.

He even spent 1.09799999 LTC yesterday so he has access to this address.

Just send him the link to the blockchain explorer as a proof. He can’t argue and tell you it’s not received while it’s in the blockchain

He knows about the fee but he says that he hasn’t received anithing

But why here :

It says that I sent it to a different one’s explorer doesn’t seem to support segwit addresses.
If you check it in a better explorer, you’ll see it was sent to the correct address:

But why it says not redeemed yet?

that has already been explained.

Dude, you sent the coins correctly and the receiver received them.
If says he did not receive them, proof him with the blockchain link and if he still says he did no’t receive it he’s trying to scam