Initial Wallet Setup and First Transaction Issues

Am new to litecoin. Installed the latest wallet from on windows. Went to request payment section and took the address and put it with the miner to get paid in litecoin. My wallet does not reflect the payment and it shows 0. How can i get the coins in to the wallet. The receiving address looks good. I see a successful transaction but not able to get the coins.

The transaction i am following is : 1467f64c367cd69a79fee6dd8eafeb84f9589a8459e9542513ca2b721ab03f1f

I do have a loaf wallet and its weird that it got the transaction to it. Of course it is a different wallet but awesome that it cached this transaction and it knows it belongs to me. But the there are of course no coins in it.

That is quite a transaction you have there, over 50K in size, over 1500 outputs and a fee of 0.1. Can you tell me a little about this? Was this sent from an exchange to your wallet? Which of the 1500 outputs belong to you? Or easier, which receiving address out of that huge list is yours?

I help people recover lost or otherwise inaccessible coins. It’s what I do.

Hi there cxop, Thanks for attempting to help me out here as this is a jungle literally. The transaction is huge as it is sent by a miner using an algorithm that is designed for multiple payouts and was sent by Genesis Mining. I was going to get a few days of mining output sent to me and I do not know much about the underlying technology in depth but am able to use bitcoin successfully with no issues. Just started to setup litecoin 3 days ago. My receiving address in this transaction is LKZGpiNFLqdGYwvaSpgoYDjV5JCPk1A8fp. I would like to recover the coins if possible but more importantly use this wallet in the process in the grand scheme of things.

Sure, glad to help. The first thing I notice here is that LTC address LKZGpiNFLqdGYwvaSpgoYDjV5JCPk1A8fp is not in the list of outputs for this transaction. The transaction has 183 confirmations as of the time of this writing.

Long story short, at this time I do not see any coins actually being sent to the listed receiving address.

ok, this helps. Let me research further.