Import exiting LTC Wallet Address


I have downloaded the litecoin core app for osx and placed in there 1 LTC.
Now I have also bought some litecoins from a website and they provided me the address of a wallet where they have placed it, I would like to know how to import this address in my wallet in order to have all my LTC in the same place.

Thank you

that’s not how it works…it works like email…your “address” is the location you are sending the coins to…and your message would be your coins represented as a value…
every time you “create a new address” using your wallet it is just like creating a new e-mail address only your using cryptography…if that makes sense…hopefully it does
you need to send your coins to your wallet on your computer from the website…you can only import address using private keys and web wallets don’t give out private keys

the wallet on the website is the “receiving address” for the wallet on that website"
your address for your wallet on your computer is your receiving address on your computer…
sending address would be who you have sent coins to using that wallet…

if you have the private key then you can use your core wallet and open console upder help /debug window…
and use command:
importprivkey (private key)

also you can watch the online address as a “watch only wallet” using:
import address (public address)

Thanks a lot for the clarification…