I'm starting to see why litecoin is to bitcoin like silver is to gold

As the crypto space starts expanding, one thing I think is clear is that bitcoin really will become the “gold 2.0” and less of a quick-change currency, while inheriting all the hassles of “lugging” around physical gold (i.e. high fees).

Litecoin, as I understand it, was made to be less scarce, but faster, or less fees…kind of like how silver counterparts to gold these days.

What are your thoughts on this?

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I never buy btc, the transaction fees are rediculous. But it holds its damn value. Ltc is a lot faster, cheaper to transact, and easier to slowly stack than btc.
I think the comparison to gold/silver is somewhat accurate to an extent.


Or trusting a company to hold it for you.

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BTC is going in a wrong direction
It becomes a profit tool not a currency in use

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