I'm new to cryptocurrency



I would appreciate any spare coins since I’m just starting to collect and invest.

Here’s my addresses:

Bitcoin - 19HADinAdUUY5U8f8Gx8x635hKNhN292eH
Bitcoin Cash - 17pZtj1iSx5iTxqhXwiMu8Ki1CqfSS6hTL
Dash - Xk98gy3YGzJqNJiPptmqyYJYsBPiSxusPt
Ethereum - 0x22a496651c2Ad12FF29aDBBb22c60ae7bd46dA9D
Ethereum Classic - 0xE45Fe0869073B1F52425D7c2506219EEfA7fB84A
Litecoin - LTXhPsvVqjZb96onZHEGiKyNPoUYrTSpUw


If you’d like to earn some spare coins come to my site and mine some…any cpu will earn a decent amount…adecminingpool.wixsite.com/miner

if the link doesn’t work just type it in your browser manually and test your device with the miner at the bottom of the page…

we mine the Monero blockchain which is why cpu mining is still profitable here…and i pay in Monero Litecoin or Bitcoin…your choice…


just wanted to say,



how old are you?
do you work?

i can help you earn some digital Money?



Also, pretty good video


“I am new to cryptocurrency too, i just bought my first bitcoin recently, to be more accurate - 0,221 Btc
By the way i did it using MotoCoin, maybe youy know it. In the near future i am going to learn more about cryptocurrency to keep earning money ( i hope :D)”