I'm Back! God I've been busy!

Hey hey Guys & Gals! Wow so much has been happening since I was last here! yEAH, I dont see no fudders here, lmao! I wonder why! Well, I guess we were right about Litecoin, huh!! I;m rich! Im rich lololololo! Congrats to all the diehard litecoin warriors who stuck it out! It was a long haul but a worth while one eh!! I just converted another 2 bitcoins to my litecoin wallet, and pumpin up my stash of lites!! Gonna be interesting till the end of this year, and Im game!! To all of my litecoin warriors! LET’S ROCK!

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I just wondered what happened to you. Glad to hear you have kept the coins, like you said you would!

Hey! Hey!! Hawken, yup I not only kepy my lite I tripled it from the time I was last here, and goin for more. Today 6/24/17 lites are dropping, in fact all cryptos are dropping, time to buy more Ya!!! Thanks for stopping by bud! Aloha Al

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yeah i also bought a small amount of coins right now.

Cheers, XuS

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cxop !! Hiya buddy! did ya see what happened today 6/25/17 All cryptos are down. Amazing !! I just got another 100 lites, and 5 DASH. The crypto world goin nuts with fear and fuds with bullshit all mixed up. Im a steadfast lite warrior and a dash kina guy. My major holding is all in lites and dash. Im still pot shotting on poloneix on those baby alt coins, buying and sellin and banking my profits in lites and dash. Workin good so far. Hey guys make sure you get a hardwallet and dont mess parking your coins on exchanges or you’ll eat it! Just a friendly reminder! Go Lite warrior Charge!!!

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Aloha! :coffee:

Isn’t it amazing how incorrect these “crypto corrections” seems to be after just a few hours or days? :joy:

Keep on tradin’! :muscle:

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cxop, I need help again. check this out. I tried to transfer from poloneix to my steemit wallet at the Steemit community wallet. this is whaT I got?? My Steem has been in libo for a week now, with no real reply from Poloneix. I can’t find the site where or if the Steem was tried to be sent to the address you see here.

Complete: Error STEEM 778.34500652
2017-07-09 04:06:21
Address: 21feecb4-c6a8-4ab6-a3f4-8b70cd5d5d96

Wow, I’d never even looked at Steemit before today, very interesting things going on there lol

Since poloniex shows “Error” after the transaction they claim is complete, it sounds like they have some explaining to do. It seems like they likely did not successfully send anything to your steem address, based on that.