If you use Folx on a Mac, you could be putting your wallet at risk

Having been the likely target of a stolen wallet and 33.4LTC being taken from my wallet, I’ve been doing some digging. Here’s a couple of bits you should read if you have a Mac and use software wallets.

Folx, a torrent downloader by Eltima Software, had their binaries altered and millions of people potentially downloaded a trojan malware. You can read their blog about it here.

MacWorld have stated “cryptocurrency wallets” were likely targeted and uploaded to hackers. You can read that post from November 30th 2017 here.

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It’s quite sad to see this happening. It’s now next to impossible to avoid these attacks as a user, just last month CCleaner got their binaries infected too (which is owned by the anti-virus company Avast!).

If a security company can’t keep their binaries safe, nobody can.

Not to mention the fact that Electrum-LTC recently had their binaries infected too. So even just updating your Electrum a few months ago was enough to have your coins stolen.

Some infected software in the last year:

  • Transmission (torrent client)
  • Linux Mint (an entire OS!)
  • CCleaner for Windows
  • Electrum-LTC
  • Litecoin Core (the site was ran by a completely different person to the Electrum one)
  • Handbrake
  • and now Eltima software products (I’ve never heard of them before, probably not as bad as the others)

A problem is the fact that all security solutions for OSX are terrible (though I believe Malwarebytes finally released a real Anti-Malware software for OSX just a few weeks ago).

Apple tries their best with the hidden XProtect system built into OSX which allows them to block and remove infected applications from Mac’s silently which is at least something…