If bitcoin is gold 2.0 then litecoin is gold 3.0?

I just traded all my bitcoin for litecoin. As crypto gets mass adoption i don’t see litecoin not getting mass adoption as well. I’m new in the crypto space and what mainly fueled me to do this was sending btc to my ledger. It is just so expensive.

If a newcomer like me is doing this, i guess many people that are getting introduced now will do what my newcomer mind is doing. Litecoin happens to be very weak right now versus bitcoin so that’s just a bonus if it pumps sometime soon. Litecoin has faster and cheaper transactions, a cool name. Am i missing something that is holding litecoin back?

I agree that litecoin right now is a better coin for buying or just using for transactions due to fees. However, just like fiat is better than gold for the same reason, easier and more cost effective for transactions, gold is a store of value and so is bitcoin. Bitcoin has the brand recognition that litecoin doesn’t have and that adds value. Right now crypto isn’t being used as a currency but a store of value. As a business owner I would be much more inclined to accept litecoin than bitcoin because of the fees. Only time will tell of litecoin is a better investment.

Your thoughts?


let me add to that great answer which explains it well. I think we are very early into crypto and every one trying to preserve their wealth the best way they can because yes the US dollar is going to crash. In my opinion LTC is being oppressed and scooped up by the rich. Im holding on to my bag of LTC because I see it going to 10k easy when the dust is settle. JMO.


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