I will send 5 LTC to a user signed up before Dec. 31

damm think its too late for me. but if not I’m in. start mining some cryptos some months ago and I’m changing it to LTC

He will choose soon, and will sign one of us at the top of the topic, like it was at Round 1 )

Drum Roll :stuck_out_tongue:

And btw Happy New Year 2022 Litefam :partying_face:

The Best Of Everything For 2022!!!

Me…me…me pick me I’m not doing so well mining LTC please pic me lol

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Let’s use the 2203432nd Litecoin block’s hash as our random number generator. See you guys in 2 days.


heavy breathing

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See you in two days.
I wish you all a fantastic LTC week!!!

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Hello everyone :blush:

#moderator warning
The original post clearly stated the terms of the prize. Posts who’s sole purpose is to shill for Litecoin will be deleted.


giveaway still working?

Only if you are capable to turn back the clock.

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This is look like you are making your account worthy to make transections. But I Don’t understand why you make rounds for that. Kindly elaborate for that.

As I see nobody bothered to do the calculations. Here is the winner of Round 4 starting on 2021-03-31 ending on 2021-12-31. @Xinxi Can you verify?

The last draw ended with this user:
user_id: 29151
username: Filipe_Cardoso

created_at: “2021-03-30T23:25:17.397Z”

[Starting 2021-03-31 here.
user_id: 29152
username: jeremyauhy

created_at: “2021-03-31T00:00:21.621Z”

user_id: 36549
username: Daniel_Daniel

created_at: “2021-12-31T23:29:31.380Z”
Ending 2021-12-31 here.]

First user of 2022:
user_id: 36550
username: rajBandhakavi

created_at: “2022-01-01T01:37:24.703Z”

the hash of block 2203432 is:

the calculation therefore is:
0xaebaac38baf950634fa72d3e0a99d397673f791023f84b6895b1b24ce5655ffd % (36549 - 29152 + 1) + 29152

in wolframalpha:
(0xaebaac38baf950634fa72d3e0a99d397673f791023f84b6895b1b24ce5655ffd mod(36549 - 29152 + 1)) + 29152

the winner is:
user_id: 36471
username: @Christian_Villagrana