I own the twelve words

Hi guys, I had a computer problem and lost my litecoin Wallet with some coins.
I own the twelve words.
How do I recover them?
Could someone give me some guidance?
Thank you very much in advance

I cant test it myself but doesnt the wallet ask you for 12 work when you start it first time to restore?

If not there are more alternatives like:

A bit more advanced (there is offline version i suggest you use):

There is also Trezor/Ledger option if you have hw wallet.

thanks for answering, i will study these topics and see if i can.

thanks for responding, but my wallet was Litecoin Core. would I be able to restore even though I was in another type of wallet? this I did not understand.

I did something similar, use my 12 work from ledger and imported into trezor wallet and it worked. The mnemonic words are a standard so wallets supporting it should recreate the coins you have had if the wallet support the coin that is…
Exodus i trust so you could maybe try it there first. You can even ask their support if you like before.

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And dont give to nobody that words!!!

Exodus is quick and easy. Did it a couple of weeks ago. Had my coins in a few minutes!

Exodus wallet does this very fast