I need help to find my LTC

yes, I sync the old wallet. no LTC showed. do I need to input password or something?

hmmm … actually no need do you have ur own address that have ltc one ?

I never wrote down my own address, only back up the wallet and encrypt it . back then I did mining for few months, due to unstable of the Internet, I just abandon it. I believe I have other wallet in that computer/wallet . haven’t touched since 2014.

paste both of your wallet address here .

Is the wallet address as the receiving address ? or where can I find it . try not to laugh or rolling your eyes please.:sweat_smile:

u click file and receiving address

Hi, hope you had peaceful Holiday. I found three receiving address :




Thanks for your help.

LcUP63HBuqgfiTKfix2QZ4FVayu22ViZga - 5.31137521

LdBqtdLBh8MJhyyhE1W1enQs3CAvF5XMfE - 0

LNfb94JYbeGT3Za9U7wG11TVQWxvwV8bkd - 0

these 3 are the wallet balance that you have

You are the bomb. Thank you . I have one more computer to dig in. how do I get the 5.31137521 out ? where did you check the balance ?

you can check your balance at blockcypher.

where do you want to sent your balance of ltc ? just take the address and click sent on your wallet.

Thank you .

The old wallet synced and new litecoin core also synced , they are the same address, is it right ? I didn’t copy any file to the new one ?

u need copy from the old i did not your new wallet is same one or not if you prt scrn here more easier

Hi ,

Hope today is a good one for you. I found the wallet with most coins in it. Just like I remembered I encrypted it, so if I want to send it to Trezor wallet, I need to unlock the wallet, correct ? but how ? need instruction from you.
Thank you

hi ,

do you still remember the passphrase that you encrypt ?

I wrote it down I believe.

then just take the ltc address from your trezor wallet and go to you main wallet put the address in and click send .

I apologize if I confused you some what. what I want to do is sending the coins I found from my old wallet to Trezor wallet. Questions :

  1. Do I need to unlock the Litecoin wallet before I sent to Trezor ?
  2. Does Litecoin wallet need to Sync before I unlock the wallet ?
  3. How to Unlock the Litecoin wallet ?

Thank you

do you use telegrams or whatsapp ? maybe i can help you there is more easier for you.

yes, I use telegram. Sorry if this drag too long. It will be over soon I promise.

add me there and say hi