I need help to find my LTC

Hello All !

I purchased LTC back in 2013, also copy the wallet to external drive just to be safe. wrote the passphrase down, also encrypted, back up the wallet also.now only 4 years later, I don’t remember how to get in. Now I have old wallet and new wallet, don’t know if I can use the same passphrase to access both wallet. I need someone to walk me through, don’t want to mess it up. your time and help are appreciated.

Thank you

hello hemu,

I can help you, do you have the wallets sync?

Thanks for your help. My old wallet is syncing right now at 215 weeks behind.

is the new one sync?

I try to open the new one , it said there is one already opened . can old one and new one open at same time?

if they are on the same pc no, you cant.

let me download the new one at different one then.

you will need to sync there also, just let one fully sync… them you can sync the other from that.

Meaning I sync the old one first,close it. then open the new on the same computer, let the new one sync. correct ?

old one sync, them copy files to the new one… is faster and easy.

Can you tell me file name?

after u since the old one copy the wallet.dat

Thanks, still syncing…probably till tomorrow morning

My new wallet is synced, what to do next? Thanks


My new and old wallet both synced, what to do next? thanks

do you able find ur ltc?

I only synced both wallet, didn’t do anything else until further instruction from you or pguerrerox.

open ur wallet and see either ur ltc balance inside ur wallet or not lol

Lol, Do I need to copy that Dat file from old wallet to the new one?

is ur old wallet also sync already ? do the ltc in ur old wallet ?