I need an advice for a beginner

I have a place with a low rate of electricity, I need just to pay my bills and food, something like 38 to 45 $ a day.
The lite coin mining can help me if I started immediately?
If so, how much the lower invest should I put to reach my target?
Is it like an 80% guarantee investment at least for the next six months until I find another job?

Please, I need your advice.

Thank you

You have to go out there and read about scryptminers, see at what price you can get them for, and then do the calculations. No one can get you a guarantee. The volatility in price and difficulty is high. From the top of my head you need something like 600-700 Mhs depending on electricity costs

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Depreciation of the hardware not included

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if you bought a $1300 miner in my opinion you’d have that back in 6 months or less if your mining at 250mh/s…that’s a safe guarantee…however nothing is guaranteed with a volatile price of the coin…
good reference site is coinwarz.com for profitability…any beginner is better off spending about $100 on a miner on ebay…earning what they can for about a month with that and make a call from there off what you learn…I started mining with a 750TI video card and made .01LTC in 1 week…was good enough for me to spend $600 and get that back in 6 months at least…only got it back because of the recent price increase though…if I bought the miners today…I doubt I would make that much ever again

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I just started a few months ago, was watching A4 Dominators on eBay for a while and picked one up at a good price. Did a lot of research and I actually picked up a Gridseed knowing it wouldn’t make any real coin but I could at least experiment with running a mining rig without spending 4 figures. I’ve been running the A4 and I’m on track to get my investment back in the next few months.

I wouldn’t try to speculate on the probability of making you’re money back, just know that it’s possible that the whole investment could go to zero. If you have any high interest debt, probably better to pay that down and avoid mining.

I saw mining as a more interesting way to invest in crypto than just buying coins. I’m really more into mining as a hobby than as a money making endeavor, I really like computers and networking so the whole thing just seemed fascinating.

Look into picking up a L3+ from Bitmain or look for a deal on a used script miner. I would say you’re wasting your money unless you get a miner (or miners) that does at least 500mhs. If you have cheap electricity, you might be able to get a few older, less powerful miners and run them to get to 500mhs. I don’t know for sure since I’m kind of just starting too but to me it seems like keeping up with the best mining tech is the best way to go, that’s why I’d recommend looking into picking up an L3+.

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