I lost my LTC after updating my wallet, how can I find them?

Hello, everybody! I had my 30+ LTC in my wallet on Sep 2017. However, on Sep 30, after I updated my LTC wallet to v0.14.2, something strange occurred. I was waiting for sync that time, and just when the sync was finished, it appeared one new transfer record which was not sent by anyone. It just…appeared!!! And in my wallet, I couldn’t see any type or tags for this transfer. I’ll show them with the snapshot as below. I wonder why this happened and wish to ask you for help. How can I find my LCT back?

If follow your story like that I think your computer has been infected by Trojan software that can hacked into your wallet


You can share your public addresses used to received the coins, to check everything.

Thanks, xue! I have scanned my laptop for many times, but no Trojans were found out. And if the wallet is so weak, many other users may be affected and it’s surely a big problem.

Hi pguerrerox, thanks for reply! How can I share the addresses to receive the coins?

Hi royde,

I have the same problem, after the upgrade to Litecoin Core v0.14.2, all my LTC are lost.
Did you find any solution to this problem?

Below is a link to my old wallet:


Did you check your litecoin core wallet address same as your old address? If not just take your old back up wallet and restore it