I have my old Litecoin Address (from 2014) , but it would never sync

Back in 2014, I started mining LTC with a pool site called litecoinrain.org (where my worker was assigned). It generated an address. At the time I added the address to my wallet, but it would never sync. to show my balance. However, using the various websites, it shows my balance (about 8 coins). I never did resolve the issue and abandoned it.

Now seeing the significant price increases, I dusted off my old PC, virtually untouched (aside from updating to windows 10). Re-traced my steps, found my wallet address, let it attempt to sync, but it still showed zero balance, but it says the alert key has been compromised. Again, went to one of the various websites, and the balance was exactly the same (8 coins). i downloaded Litecoin core wallet, which appeared to import my settings, but balance is still showing zero.

I have a feeling my wallet address that was generated was within litecoinrain.org and that website is no longer accessible. What are my options?

did you ever send your coins from that page to your wallet?

That’s the difficult part for me to remember. I came to a dead stop nearly 3.5 years ago. I’ve been able to capture all other crypto’s (PPC, DOGE, BTC, etc), but the only thing I recall is that LTC wallet was giving me trouble. I wish there was a way to get into litecoinrain.org but it’s completely down.

actually, it looks like my coins are stuck on liteguardian.com (based on the old logs). I don’t think I transferred the funds out and the website is down.