I have an idea why LTC doesn't do liquidity mining or anything else

Liquidity mining is an innovative application scenario in the field of defi, which can realize value in two dimensions: 1) providing incentives to inject liquidity into the application; 2) realizing the fair distribution of warrants. Various stakeholders in the field of defi also took advantage of the east wind of liquidity mining, reduced the transaction slip point of token exchange in the application of defi, and successfully established a united and strong community. None of this would have been possible had it not been for liquidity mining. Liquidity mining has also helped accelerate the growth of numerous projects, with the current lock in volume reaching hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars.

Now we don’t know how liquidity mining will develop in the future, or whether the current model can support long-term growth. However, it is certain that innovation in the field of defi will not stop. As a financial model, liquidity mining may experience some changes, but it will continue to go on. With the continuous development of defi, chainlink will continue to provide developers with the required decentralized Oracle and develop various practical decentralized applications, including liquidity mining.

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