I can't transfer my litcoins to my coinbase wallet

I can’t transfer my litcoins to my coinbase wallet. I have the Litecoin Core version v0.13.2.1 (64-bit) on my PC but everytime I enter the litecoin address on the “pay to” I see it highlited with an orange color and it doesn’t go through. Can you please help me with that?


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Would you mind posting an screenshot of the problem you’re facing?
This way, we could better understand the orange message you’re getting.


Your Litecoin-qt interface looks outdated.

Can you please send an screenshot of the version number?

Help >> About Litecoin Core

Hi Mauricio, I greatly appreciate your help!

Yup, your litecoin-qt is outdated. Current version is v0.17.x

The easiest way to complete your transfer is converting your M-address format into the equivalent 3-address format.

You can do so by entering your Coinbase M-address here:

Once you obtain the 3-address, you should be able to complete your transfer.

Please be extra careful while doing the conversion step. I am 100% the site I am sharing with you is safe; however, given the amount of LTC you’re transfering, I advice you to first transfer a minor amount, wait for it to arrive your coinbase account, and once you’re sure everything is fine, go with the full amount.

Please keep me posted.


@Lucero_Lara I see you succeed doing your transaction :slight_smile: :ok_hand:

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Ya pude hacer la transferencia de mis litecoins, muchas gracias por enseñarme como hacerlo, bendicones!

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¡De nada!
Me da gusto ayudar, siempre que se pueda.

Esta es mi dirección de Litecoin: MJcs5Qk5UUBox86vpwtVLDzptY1NpKzBqo

Ahora que tus litecoins están en Coinbase, deberías poder usar la dirección-M sin tener que cambiarla por el formato-3.

Si lo deseas, estaré agradecido de cualquier cantidad de Litecoin que consideres que valga la pena; sólo si así lo deseas.

¡Bonita semana!