I can't find were I've created my wallet

Hello, I’m new to Litecoins and I made a mistake. I created a wallet but I do not remember where I created it … I do not know if it was local (Litecoin Core version v0.14.2 (64-bit)) or online (Coinbase, Bitgo …) and now I can not recover the 2LTC that Genesis Mining has already deposited into it … Yes, I used the address on Genesis Mining.

By logging into the wallets online the address does not match with the deposit.

I think I created locally but the address is not in Litecoin Core. I think I made some bullshit. Does it have any automatic back-up?

Ps: CoinBase is always creating new ones so I gave up using it.

there is no such thing as a “automatic backup”…you download the wallet and save the backup to your device of your choosing (either a file containing private keys or seed phrase depending on the wallet you use)…no one else can recover your coins but you unless you give someone your private key that belongs to the address the coins are in or you give someone your backup